homelessness http://wfae.org en Homeless In The Storm http://wfae.org/post/homeless-storm <p>During this week’s snowstorm, officials repeated one piece of advice more than any other: stay home. But not everyone has a home.</p><p>WFAE’s Ben Bradford visited a Red Cross warming center where nearly 200 people spent the night Wednesday, and then had to leave.</p><p></p><p> Fri, 14 Feb 2014 15:16:51 +0000 Ben Bradford 45069 at http://wfae.org Homeless In The Storm 162 Homeless People Housed In 100 Days http://wfae.org/post/162-homeless-people-housed-100-days <p>Nonprofit and government agencies serving the homeless population in Charlotte have quietly accelerated their efforts in the last three months – aiming to house 100 people in 100 days.&nbsp; They exceeded that goal.</p><p></p><p> Mon, 23 Sep 2013 20:25:40 +0000 Julie Rose 35891 at http://wfae.org Remembering William Larry Major, AKA 'Chilly Willy' http://wfae.org/post/remembering-william-larry-major-aka-chilly-willy <p>On a busy stretch of 7<sup>th</sup> Street in the Elizabeth neighborhood Thursday night, William Larry Major stepped into the road, was struck by a car and died.</p><p>Almost instantly, Charlotte Facebook and Twitter accounts were awash in messages honoring the man known to many as "Chilly Willy."</p><p>A quick search on YouTube yields a taste of the fondness Chilly Willy inspired in people: wild-haired and tattooed, breaking into song, as he engaged people on street corners.</p><p>"These walls and bars are surrounding me! Chilly Willy wants to be free!," he sings in one clip.</p> Sat, 20 Oct 2012 02:46:24 +0000 Julie Rose 14204 at http://wfae.org Remembering William Larry Major, AKA 'Chilly Willy'