door-to-door en Going Door-to-Door For Laughs <p>So, you want to make it in showbiz. Your plan would more than likely look something like this: Move to Hollywood, work a string of odd jobs, and become familiar with rejection.</p><p>In this story, Krista Cassidy looks at how a Charlotte comedy duo are trying to make it big from their hometown.</p><p>Rachel Woodhouse and Justin Smith are always taking their show on the road. It’s called <em>Door-to-Door</em>. This week’s stop is an unassuming business park in South Charlotte that’s serving as a set.</p> Mon, 14 Apr 2014 21:31:49 +0000 Krista Cassidy 48983 at Going Door-to-Door For Laughs CMS Goes Door-To-Door To Get Dropouts Back In School <p>About 15,000 kids a year drop out of North Carolina schools.&nbsp; In Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, the number is about 1,500.&nbsp; School social workers have long made house calls to many kids who simply stop showing up at school.&nbsp; They try to figure out why the child left, get them help, and show them ways they can catch up.&nbsp;</p><p>This is a sensitive situation.&nbsp; Imagine you're a kid who has given up on school and then a social worker shows up on your doorstep.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 01 Oct 2012 02:58:03 +0000 Lisa Miller 12891 at CMS Goes Door-To-Door To Get Dropouts Back In School