Political Polling http://wfae.org en Are You Feeling Polling Fatigue? http://wfae.org/post/are-you-feeling-polling-fatigue-0 <p>We've all received unwanted phone calls. From friends, family … maybe even your boss (thank goodness, for Caller ID, right?)</p><p>Telemarketers have certainly earned a reputation for interrupting us, but we can block many of those calls with the national Do-Not-Call registry.</p><p>But since it’s election season, the likely culprit of annoyance is a political candidate, a third party interest group, or maybe a media outlet conducting a poll. The point is, polls are everywhere.</p> Wed, 26 Sep 2012 03:44:38 +0000 Tasnim Shamma 7150 at http://wfae.org Are You Feeling Polling Fatigue?