UNC http://wfae.org en Governor's Budget Includes Teacher Pay Raises, Cuts To UNC System http://wfae.org/post/governors-budget-includes-teacher-pay-raises-cuts-unc-system <p></p><p></p><p>Governor Pat McCrory rolled out his proposed budget today as the General Assembly’s short session got underway.&nbsp;</p><p>"This is a very serious budget. It’s a tough budget, but it’s a budget that's concentrating on our priorities," said McCrory. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>As promised, it includes pay raises for all state employees, additional money for pre-kindergarten, and hiring back a few environmental inspectors. But all of that comes with a cost.&nbsp;</p><p> Wed, 14 May 2014 23:26:20 +0000 Lisa Miller 50946 at http://wfae.org Governor's Budget Includes Teacher Pay Raises, Cuts To UNC System New Details On NC House Budget http://wfae.org/post/new-details-nc-house-budget <p>North Carolina House Republicans presented Monday afternoon their proposed budget for the next two years. In total, the budget spends $20.6 billion.</p><p>“In the first year we spend around $12 million less than the Senate and around $188 million less than the governor,” said Rep. Nelson Dollar, the chairman of the House Appropriations Committee.</p> Mon, 10 Jun 2013 22:02:44 +0000 Ben Bradford 29108 at http://wfae.org Hopes High But Progress Slow At Kannapolis Biotech Campus http://wfae.org/post/hopes-high-progress-slow-kannapolis-biotech-campus <p>When billionaire David Murdock opened the North Carolina Research Campus five years ago, his goal was to create a global biotechnology center in Kannapolis and to replace the thousands of jobs lost when Cannon Mills—formerly the city’s largest employer—closed. Murdock has poured upwards of $600 million into development of the NCRC, but today, there are only a handful of companies and few jobs compared to his sweeping vision. This week, Murdock donated another $50 million to the endeavor. Outside of Murdock’s millions, there are few signs of growth, but many are still betting on it.</p><p> Mon, 20 May 2013 13:59:25 +0000 Ben Bradford 27648 at http://wfae.org Hopes High But Progress Slow At Kannapolis Biotech Campus App State Creates Ombuds Office To Resolve Professor-Student Conflicts http://wfae.org/post/app-state-creates-ombuds-office-resolve-professor-student-conflicts <p>Big companies, government offices, and media outlets like NPR often have ombudsmen – they’re trained to handle complaints and to try to resolve disputes. And universities are no exception: NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, and Duke all have them. The latest UNC system school to create an ombudsman position is Appalachian State University in Boone. The school has appointed a long-time professor to set up the office, Jim Barnes. He’s been on the job since January 1.<sup>&nbsp;</sup>He says complaints last year about a professor factored into <em>creating</em> his position, but the idea had been discussed for a while.&nbsp; Barnes talks to <em>Morning Editon</em> host Duncan McFadyen about getting the office off the ground. Thu, 24 Jan 2013 15:26:20 +0000 Duncan McFadyen 20044 at http://wfae.org Athletic Department Insider Says UNC Tolerated Cheating http://wfae.org/post/athletic-department-insider-says-unc-tolerated-cheating <p>There are new allegations in the academic scandal in the UNC-Chapel Hill athletic department. UNC’s football team is already on NCAA probation, in part for improper help players got from a tutor. Now, a former academic support counselor named Mary Willingham has come forward with allegations that numerous people in her department knew there were problems, but looked the other way. In some cases, athletes were so far behind that academic success was almost impossible--- she says some had never read a book and didn’t know what a paragraph was. Tue, 27 Nov 2012 15:28:30 +0000 Duncan McFadyen 16565 at http://wfae.org Bill Friday Helped To Found WFAE http://wfae.org/post/bill-friday-helped-found-wfae <p>On October 17, generations of North Carolina leaders gathered in Chapel Hill to remember UNC System President Emeritus Bill Friday. Friday is widely credited with creating the 16 campus state university system. And, for the last three decades, he was in the homes of UNC-TV viewers as the host of “North Carolina People.” But Friday also had a hand in the establishment of WFAE.</p><p> Thu, 18 Oct 2012 14:43:55 +0000 Duncan McFadyen 14078 at http://wfae.org Bill Friday Helped To Found WFAE Student Veterans Plan To Sue UNC For Discrimination http://wfae.org/post/student-veterans-plan-sue-unc-discrimination <p>A group of veterans attending state-run universities in North Carolina plan to file a discrimination lawsuit against the UNC system this week alleging they are routinely - and wrongly - made to pay out-of-state tuition.</p><p>The military life is a transient one - training in one state, based in another, transferring every few of years. That's one reason the federal government doesn't require service members to change their driver license every time they move. So establishing residency for things like in-state tuition is tough, says Army veteran Andrew Sammons.</p> Wed, 19 Sep 2012 13:21:08 +0000 Julie Rose 5516 at http://wfae.org Student Veterans Plan To Sue UNC For Discrimination