Children's Theatre of Charlotte en Children's Theatre Helps Give 'Extreme Makeover' <p>The Children’s Theatre has been staging performances for over sixty years.</p><p>The sets they build, however, do not have the same longevity. They are up for only three or four weeks.<br>So the Theatre’s set designers had their hands full last year when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition asked them to construct two children’s bedrooms – on a one week deadline. Mon, 17 Dec 2012 15:58:42 +0000 Briana Duggan 17654 at Children's Theatre Helps Give 'Extreme Makeover' Charlotte Babies Get Live Theater Just For Them <p>Children's Theatre of Charlotte has long offered plays for teens, "tweens" and kindergarteners, but until now, the "under-three" set had to sit out live theater.<br><br>There's a reason parents are typically encouraged to leave the littlest ones at home, says Andrea Bruno. Her son Liam is two-and-a-half.<br><br>"Yeah, at his age, it's kinda tough, I mean they're very active," says Bruno, with a chuckle. "They don't want to sit still. So, yeah. Sometimes it's not always a good idea."<br><br>Fair to say Bruno's a little wary that Liam will make it through his first live theater show.<br> Thu, 16 Aug 2012 04:00:00 +0000 Julie Rose 3018 at Charlotte Babies Get Live Theater Just For Them