Scott Graf en Facebook Gun Clubs Buy, Sell, Trade And Cause A Stir Mass shootings in the U.S. in recent years have put access to firearms in the cross-hairs of gun control groups. Last year, some gun control advocates urged Facebook to ban posts advertising guns.<p>Facebook recently announced that it wouldn't do that, but that it would tighten its rules. Some gun control groups say Facebook missed the mark, but for gun owners, it's a good deal.<p>Cody Bourgeois recently got a new Smith and Wesson M&P .40 semi-automatic<em>. Sun, 11 May 2014 09:42:00 +0000 Scott Graf 50703 at Facebook Gun Clubs Buy, Sell, Trade And Cause A Stir NC Guard Fighting Western Fires <p>Members of the North Carolina Air National Guard's 145th Airlift Wing are again fighting wildfires in the western US this summer. Members of the Charlotte-based unit were first dispatched to Arizona, and are now in Idaho. It's the same unit that lost four crew members in a crash in South Dakota last summer. &nbsp;</p> Fri, 02 Aug 2013 19:11:06 +0000 Scott Graf 32574 at NC Guard Fighting Western Fires With Bullets Scarce, More Shooters Make Their Own Gun stores around the country have had difficulty keeping up with demand for ammunition in recent months. Fears of government tightening of gun and ammunition controls have meant that retailers, from Wal-Mart to mom-and-pop gun shops, haven't been able to keep bullets on the shelves.<p>Cliff Poser's gun shop, Cliff's Guns, Safes and Reloading in Boise, Idaho, is one of them. Business has been so crazy lately that he has to keep a special stash of ammunition, just so customers who buy guns from him can also buy bullets.<p>Poser says the current ammunition shortage is the worst that he's seen. Sat, 06 Jul 2013 10:24:00 +0000 Scott Graf 30775 at With Bullets Scarce, More Shooters Make Their Own Bacon Shortage Is Hogwash Transcript <p>STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: <p>We are going to rip the lid off the pork panic at NPR's business news.<p>(SOUNDBITE OF MUSIC)<p>INSKEEP: This called for serious investigation. A group of British pork producers sent fear into the hearts of bacon lovers worldwide by predicting an impending pork shortage. Fri, 05 Oct 2012 09:33:00 +0000 Scott Graf 13216 at