Day Sponsorship FAQs

Policy effective date: May 1, 2011
Edited: June 27, 2012

I made my donation, but what are the next steps to getting my message on the air?
Submit your day sponsorship message to call Membership at 704-549-9323.

How many times will my message be read on the air?
Your message will be read 4 times on the date of your choice.

What if the date I choose is not available?
WFAE has 2 Day Sponsorships available each day.  We do not broadcast Day Sponsorships during our on-air pledge drives.  (WFAE generally has pledge drives for two weeks in the fall, two weeks in the spring and a mini-drive in December).  Our Member Services team will do everything possible to accommodate your request, however if your date is unavailable please have a second choice in mind.

How much notice do you require to get my message on the air?
We require a minimum of 14 days notice so we have time to get your message approved, produced, and scheduled. 

How long can my Day Sponsorship message be?
Day Sponsorship messages must fit within our guidelines and can be NO MORE than 12 words. All copy is subjected to our guidelines and may be edited.

Can I make an anonymous Day Sponsorship?
No. WFAE’s policy states that the person/s making the donation must be recognized on air.

Can I donate my Day Sponsorship?
Day Sponsorships are non-transferable.

Can my business/charity/school/church use a Day Sponsorship for promotion?
No. Day Sponsorships must be personal, non-commercial, and non-promotional in nature. Therefore we cannot use the Day Sponsorship to announce times, dates, or locations of any events. 

If you would like to announce specific information about an organization or event on the air, please contact our Underwriting Department at 704-549-9323 or, or submit your event on our Event Calendar.

Can you make sure my message is read during my favorite show?
The times Day Sponsorships are read on the air are set and cannot be changed.

Will doing a Day Sponsorship affect the tax deductibility of my donation?
No.  Day Sponsorships do not have a fair market value and therefore do not affect tax deductibility of your contribution.

Who has final approval of what can be read on the air?
Our Programming Director has final approval on the text of all Day Sponsorship messages.

I have another question not covered in your FAQ.
Please contact WFAE Member Services at 704-549-9323 or