Business Sponsorship

Your support means a lot to us. Business Sponsors are vital to our public service mission of bringing quality news and information programming to an ever-expanding community of listeners.

Become a WFAE Business Sponsor

Corporate underwriting on WFAE has the impact of traditional radio marketing with the benefit of supporting a well respected Carolinas based non-profit media institution. It’s an effective way to build business, brand your company, announce events, recruit staff, promote a chosen philanthropy, and much more — all while helping to pay for the news.

WFAE Business Sponsors achieve…

·  Direct access to a concentrated, highly-educated, affluent audience with a powerful, personal commitment to WFAE and the region.

·  Name recognition among engaged professionals, business and community leaders likely to be interested in your products and services.

·  Credibility by associating with intelligent, in-depth journalism from NPR, the BBC and WFAE’s award-winning News Team.

·  Appreciation from your colleagues, customers and peers, who will recognize your company’s commitment to the region.

The WFAE Corporate Development team can help you design a schedule of Business Sponsorship announcements that meets your financial, marketing and philanthropic goals.

Your company’s Business Sponsorship plan can range from program targeted placements to a schedule that spans all segments of the day. You may also become a digital sponsor online at with a rotating banner  linked to your company’s website.

For more information on Business Sponsorship opportunities:     REQUEST INFO