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Raising The Dropout Age Shows Varied Results

In North Carolina, you can legally drop out of high school at the age of 16 – except in two school districts in Catawba County – Newton-Conover City Schools and Hickory Public Schools. Both were given permission to raise the dropout age to 18 three years ago as part of a pilot program. These districts have seen some success, but they don’t owe it all to raising the dropout age.

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News In Brief

Charlotte School Of Law Hires New Interim Dean; Meck County Commission Approves 1.7B Budget

Paul Megget will become Charlotte School of Law's third dean in as many months. Meanwhile, the Mecklenburg County Commission has approved two budget plans, one a $1.7 billion operating budget for FY2018, the other a $1.5 billion long-term capital improvement plan. And, the proposed North Carolina state budget continues to move quickly through the General Assembly.

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Kerr Putney is wary of a bill that would relax restrictions on carrying concealed handguns in North Carolina. Speaking to reporters at a town hall Saturday, Putney said North Carolinians did not need more laws that could lead to more shootings by irresponsible gun owners.

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Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts on Saturday held her first town hall since taking office in Dec. 2015, promoting a wide range of city initiatives including youth programs, community policing, and affordable housing.

Outbreak Of Canine Flu In North Carolina

Jun 9, 2017
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Several cases of the canine flu have been reported in North Carolina, and resulted in the death of two dogs. The state has confirmed cases in Raleigh and the town of Davidson. It appears the dogs contracted the flu at dog shows held outside of North Carolina. There have been several outbreaks in southeastern states. Brenda Stevens, a veterinary professor at NC State University, says this is a new virus strain and highly contagious.

A CMPD helicopter like this one was involved in Wednesday's near miss with a drone.

CMPD is trying to find the operator of a drone that nearly collided with one of its helicopters near BB&T Ballpark Wednesday night.

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Charlotte Fire Chief Jon Hannan is addressing criticism that his department has for years failed to hire minorities, especially minority women.

African-American and Hispanic women make up only slightly more than 1 percent of his employees. Among the department's 1,039 firefighters, two are African-American women. One is a Hispanic woman.

In an interview with WFAE, Hannan said the problem is not limited to Charlotte.

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A former fire investigator who was awarded $1.5 million in a retaliation lawsuit against the city of Charlotte, is pushing for more money.

Correctional officers are expected to maintain order, but many play key roles in disorder at state prisons.

“We see problems with serious corruption and abuse in virtually all of the maximum security prisons across the state,” says Charlotte Observer reporter Ames Alexander.  

He was part of an investigative team behind a series called “Wrong Side of the Bars.” The 5-part investigation exposes a system that enables corrupt prison guards to have a strong and dangerous influence at state prisons. WFAE’s Marshall Terry spoke to Alexander and colleague Gavin Off about the series.

No concealed guns permitted on premise sign
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On Thursday, the North Carolina House is scheduled to take a final vote on a bill which would all but end the need for concealed-carry permits for handguns. Yesterday, the House gave its tentative approval for the measure but by a slim margin. The bill is controversial and even before debate began yesterday groups both for and against the proposal took to unusual tactics to get their message across.

CATS Begins Blue Line Extension Testing

Jun 8, 2017
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You may see Blue Line Extension trains going up and down North Tryon, but they’re not picking up passengers, Charlotte Area Transit is just testing the tracks.



Charlotte Homicides In 2017 - A Look At The Victims

WFAE is tracking Charlotte’s homicides, and remembering the victims, through this interactive timeline.

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