Jonathan Ferrell

Immediately following the fatal shooting of Jonathan Ferrell by then-CMPD officer Randall Kerrick in September of 2013, there were differing opinions among law enforcement about whether or not Kerrick should have been charged with voluntary manslaughter.

That’s according to a review of newly released court documents and interviews by the Charlotte Observer.

Fred Clasen-Kelly is the reporter who wrote the story. He spoke to WFAE’s Marshall Terry for Thursday's Morning Edition.

Clashing Views Followed SBI, CMPD Probes of Police Shooting

Oct 25, 2015
John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer

The decision to charge police officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick in the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrell divided not only a jury and the city – it divided law enforcement as well, newly released court papers and interviews show.

Gwendolyn Glenn/WFAE

Two years ago, 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell was shot and killed by Charlotte police officer Randall Kerrick. For the first time, Ferrell’s family went to the site to place a wreath in the ditch where Ferrell died along Reedy Creek Road in northeast Mecklenburg County.

AG Cooper Won't Retry Kerrick

Aug 28, 2015
Ben Bradford / WFAE

“Our prosecutors believe unanimously that a retrial will not yield a different result.”

Those were the words of Attorney General Roy Cooper in explaining his decision not to retry CMPD officer Randall Kerrick for the shooting death of Jonathan Ferrrell two years ago.

Kerrick's Attorneys Praise Jury, Call Out Monroe and Media In Statement

Aug 22, 2015
Charlotte Observer

The attorneys for CMPD officer Randall Kerrick issued the following statement Saturday afternoon:

We, defense counsel for Officer Randall Wesley Kerrick would first like to thank the jury for its thoughtful deliberations in this case.  Officer Kerrick and his family have always respected the criminal justice system that they have worked for their entire lives.  All of the jurors, regardless of how they voted, were cautious, considerate and deliberate.  It is citizens such as these that make our justice system work.  We thank you. 

Tom Bullock / WFAE

Some did take to the streets of uptown last night to protest the mistrial. We sent WFAE’s Tom Bullock to report on what happened.

Warning: The audio in this report contains an offensive word.

These protesters were younger and more aggressive than the marchers who snarled traffic earlier in the day.  And it was easy to tell they felt they were in charge as they walked down the middle of streets weaving in between cars yelling things like "No justice – no peace. No justice – no peace."

And this:

"F--- the police."

Charlotte Observer

It was a day of uncertainty Friday. Would the Randall Kerrick jury reach a verdict?

No. The jury deadlocked at 8-4. A mistrial was declared.

Then, more uncertainty. How would people react?

Sarah Delia

After a mistrial was declared in the case against CMPD officer Randall Kerrick, several Charlotte area churches were open Friday night. Not for sermons, but as a place for people to process the day’s news. WFAE’s Sarah Delia went to one those churches and has this report.

Mistrial Declared In Trial Of Randall Kerrick

Aug 21, 2015
Davie Hinshaw / Charlotte Observer

UPDATE: 9:10pm

Protests continue  this evening after a judge declared a mistrial in the Randall Kerrick case.  Police closed several roads as they made their way through uptown.  

The family of Jonathan Ferrell addressed reporters outside the courthouse shortly after court was dismissed.   

"I feel like we need to keep fighting.  We must get justice," said his mother Georgia Ferrell.