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Local News Roundup

29 minutes ago

Friday, October 21

On this edition of the news roundup, the final rounds of both presidential and North Carolina gubernatorial debates happened this week. We’ll talk about how Clinton, Trump, McCrory and Cooper did in the debates and how things are looking now as early voting begins in North Carolina and Election Day is just a couple of weeks away.

Charlotte has a new city manager, Marcus Jones from Norfolk, VA. He’ll be the city’s first African-American city manager. We’ll talk about what work he’s got ahead of him in terms of building trust in city government in Charlotte, among other things.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was in town this week when he said that despite pulling the 2017 All-Star game from Charlotte due to the fall out from HB2, bringing the 2019 All-Star game here is a high priority. We’ll get into some other things he said during his visit and the county commission approved the first water-quality regulations of the White Water Center this week. We’ll talk about what that means for the center.  Those stories and more.

Meg Kelly/NPR

The presidential election season is, mercifully, coming to an end. The strangest campaign in modern American history has featured twists and turns that would have been unimaginable just four years ago, including allegations by one party’s candidate that the election is rigged. That amidst scurrilous accusations about the behavior of both candidates. We take a look at what was said and how it was said at that final debate.

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Are you tired? Depressed? Overweight? Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep! The Centers for Disease Control says that at least a third of us aren’t sleeping enough. We’re not getting the recommended seven-plus hours of sleep on a regular basis and it’s costing us – about $35 billion a year for doctors’ visits, medication and lost productivity. We find out more about why getting a good night’s sleep is important and how to get better sleep.

Mount Rushmore

No matter which side you’re on, no matter which presidential candidate you favor, you want the best person for the job to win this election. It might help to look back in history at some of the nation’s best presidents to see if you can find some common traits. Dallas trial lawyer Talmage Boston did just that and came up with 10 Commandments for our next Commander in Chief. He joins us to share what he learned from a group of presidential historians about what traits make a great president.

Joergelman / Pixabay

Monday, October 17

Women are the majority of the population. In many cases, they are the breadwinners in their families and yet, continue to lag behind men in terms of opportunities in the workplace and in what they earn. Victoria Budson says it is something that is systemic in our culture but not insurmountable. Called the “Wage Gap Warrior,” she is Director of Harvard’s Women and Public Policy program and shares her thoughts.

A gubernatorial debate pits Governor Pat McCrory against Attorney General Roy Cooper. Both vice presidential candidates come to North Carolina, Mike Pence comes to Charlotte. City Council takes the first steps to create ways to respond to anger and frustration over the death of Keith Scott. CMS works on their magnet lottery plans. And the effects of Hurricane Matthew. Those and other stories on our local news roundup.

As couples prepare for the momentous event of their wedding, they are bombarded by marriage advice – some good, and some not so good, some may even be considered “old-fashioned.” Author Lisa Grunwald has compiled centuries of that advice and the result is “The Marriage Book,” clearly demonstrating how our views on marriage have evolved. She joins us to share what they’ve learned.

Recap Of McCrory/Cooper Debate

Oct 11, 2016

Political season is in full swing with debates almost every week. Of particular importance to North Carolina it  the gubernatorial debate between incumbent Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general. That debate was Tuesday night and we take a closer look at what was said, the issues discussed, and how this debate might impact the outcome of this close race .

Repairing Charlotte's Damaged Reputation

Oct 11, 2016
Marshall Park, Charlotte
CC0 Public Domain

It’s been a tough year for Charlotte. First, HB2 put us in an unwelcomed spotlight and resulted in millions of dollars of losses. Then, protests and riots following a police shooting ripped at the heart of this new South city, tarnishing our sparkling reputation. What kind of damage has this done to our image and more importantly, how do we repair the internal damage to this city for those who live, work and do business here?


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