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Ways To Connect

Friday, August 28

CMPD Chief Kerr Putney discusses the work left to be done in building stronger police and community relationships. Followed by a recap of a busy week in the North Carolina legislature.

Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy / United States Government Work

Thursday, August 27

In this two part show, we get a behind-the-scenes look at the Clinton White House from Melinda Bates, former director of the White House Visitor’s office and we check up on some late summer/early fall reading recommendations.

college class
SMBCollege / Flickr

Wednesday, August 26

Something is happening on college campuses across the country. There seems to be an increased sensitivity to issues that some view as painful or offensive. It has caused some comedians who used to consider college audiences their bread and butter to stop playing the college circuit. Worse, it is beginning to intrude on what’s being taught. We hear more about "The Coddling of the American Mind."

Charles Randolph-Wright

Aug 24, 2015

Tuesday, August 25

One of the hottest tickets on Broadway is a show directed by York County native Charles Randolph-Wright. That show, Motown: The Musical opens for a week-long run here in Charlotte Tuesday and Charles Randolph-Wright joins us to talk about his journey from South Carolina to the Great White Way with many stops in between. And we talk about how he got Motown’s Berry Gordy to let him direct this show.

Charlotte Observer

Monday, August 24

It’s the day after the verdict in the trial of Charlotte Mecklenburg Police officer Randall “Wes” Kerrick, the first Charlotte officer charged in connection with an on-duty fatal shooting in more than 30 years. WFAE reporters and other experts will take us through the shooting, the trial, the verdict and the aftermath.

Erin Keever

Friday, August 21 

Physicist Sean Carroll spends a lot of time researching theoretical aspects of cosmology, field theory, and gravitation. Recently, he’s been speaking out about the Higgs Boson, or "The God Particle" which is a particle of an atom. Without it, the atom could not exist. In his new book The Particle at the End of the Universe he talks about "The God Particle." He joins us to talk about his passion for physics and explains it in a language we can all understand.

Hookah And Vape Smoking Lounges

Aug 19, 2015
Public Domain

Thursday, August 20

You may have noticed that hookah and vape smoking lounges are popping up all over town.  A former tobacco state, North Carolina has joined others in making the use of tobacco difficult and that is part of the reason for these lounges. Discouragement of tobacco has also given rise to alternative forms of smoking like electronic cigarettes. Younger people are attracted to vapes and these lounges and we find out why and more about them.

Wednesday, August 19

Part I
The Charlotte Broadcast Hall of Fame is about to present its first inductees.  They include many of the pioneers of broadcasting in Charlotte like Grady Cole, Charles Kuralt, Betty Feezor, Doug Mayes, Larry Sprinkle, even Sis and Stan Kaplan who created the groundbreaking station, 610 Big Ways.  We hear about them all and talk to a few of the inductees. 

Back To School Update On Charter Schools In North Carolina

Aug 17, 2015
WFAE File Photo

Tuesday, August 18

Like them or not, charter schools are growing in number in North Carolina. This year, there are 160 here including two online schools. All get tax dollars for each student they enroll but are exempt from many of the rules governing traditional public schools. That raises questions about how we measure the success or failure of these schools and whether or not they’re really making a difference. We get some answers from a panel of experts and educators.

anathea / Flickr/

Monday, August 17

Charlotte’s growing restaurant scene has some rising star chefs from here and elsewhere and many of those chefs concentrate on serving only local food. Doing so doesn’t necessarily make it easy or even economical but these chefs believe local food sets them apart – and makes what they serve special. We meet three of those chefs and find out why local food is so important to them and what it allows them to do.