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Charlotte's Restaurant Critics

Oct 8, 2015
waferboard / Flickr

Charlotte’s restaurant scene continues to grow and change – almost as fast as all the new apartment developments popping up all over town. So, every once in a while we check in with Charlotte’s restaurant critics to catch up on what’s new and get the low-down on some old favorites. We also hear about new trends in food and drink, new chefs, and new hot spots. The critics dish on dining out with an eye toward putting good money toward good food.

The Mini Maker Faire will show off how broken things can be made useful again. We hear about that and about the Breakin’ Convention – Charlotte’s foray into the international world of hip-hop dance.

Charlotte, North Carolina And National Political Update

Oct 7, 2015

We are now officially in the political season. The vote yesterday decided the Democratic candidate in the November election for Charlotte mayor. The legislative session finally ended last week and people are processing the impact. U.S. House Speaker John Boehner is hanging it up and the 2016 presidential candidates are out on the stump in force. We take a look at it all.

Stuff All Charlotteans Should Do (Rebroadcast)

Oct 6, 2015
Lisa Worf

"Charlotte's Got a Lot." That's both a statement and a slogan for Charlotte's Travel and Tourism Division. We'll be looking into the truth of that claim as we hear about things for both newcomers and old-timers. We talk to the person responsible for the book "100 Things To Do In Charlotte Before You Die" and to a contributor to Charlotte Magazine's "50 Things Every Charlottean Should Do."

NASCAR's Evolution In Technology And Business

Oct 5, 2015
Larry McTighe / U.S. Air Force photo

Charlotte is heading quickly toward one of the biggest NASCAR races of the year.  It’s coming up Saturday night.  Race weekends here are events that cause the Charlotte Motor Speedway to host more people than many North Carolina towns. It’s a big business and one that this city benefits from. Ninety percent of the sport’s race teams are based here. But the sport is changing and we take a look at how.

Conservatives On Climate Change

Oct 1, 2015
Johan Bolhuis /

There are a lot of climate change deniers out there, among them, many conservatives. But not all conservatives. Some prominent people on the right are hoping to convince other like-minded individuals to take global warming and energy policy more seriously.  They believe doing so is a winning proposition both politically and for the planet and we’ll hear from two prominent conservatives about how they’re convincing others.

Alzheimer's Research And Preventing Dementia

Oct 1, 2015

As we age, some of us experience memory lapses but others face Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. We still don’t know much about the causes of Alzheimer’s or have any promising treatments but doctors and researchers are learning more about how to delay or possibly prevent dementia and lower your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. We hear about the role of diet, exercise – even education, learning and social interaction play on both.

Charlotte Mayor 2015: The Runoff Debate

Sep 30, 2015
Tom Bullock / WFAE

Which Democrat will face Republican Edwin Peacock in the Nov. 3 Charlotte mayoral election? It's down to Jennifer Roberts and Dan Clodfelter in the Democratic runoff election Oct. 6. Charlotte Talks  on WFAE and The Charlotte Observer teamed up to talk to the run-off candidates. The pair faced off during a live debate Wednesday, September 30. WFAE's Mike Collins and Charlotte Observer Metro Columnist Mark Washburn moderated the debate.  

The Southeast’s growing Latino population is the fastest in the nation with Charlotte and Atlanta topping the list. We’re feeling the impact on local demographics, the workforce and schools but this growth also affects those who come here as they face challenges of maintaining identity, assimilation, inclusion, culture and more. We get some perspectives on that and hear about the Levine Museum of the New South’s NUEVOlution exhibit.

The Horowitz Piano And Chad Lawson

Sep 28, 2015
David Boraks / WFAE

We have a special guest, a piano that belonged to the late Vladimir Horowitz. The pianist enjoyed a level of worldwide fame few classical musicians achieve, and in his later years, he took his own concert grand on tour with him all over the world. That 9 foot Steinway continues to tour on its own today, and it’s in Charlotte for a few weeks. Guest host Duncan McFadyen will learn about the history of the Horowitz piano, and Charlotte jazz pianist Chad Lawson will play us music from his chart-topping album.